Mini Taxi App Reviews

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Fun but hard!

This is a great game, I love the sound it makes when you hit someone. worth the price!

Great Concept!!

Its a little difficult to steer, but once you get a hang of it, its a whole lot of fun! Its easy to understand the controls, sound effects are hilarious, and its a challenging game. Great fun!

Really good, but...

The game is a pretty good crazy taxi clone its a fun time waster worth double its price. ---------------suggestions---------------- Add hills and jumps Add missions Add tilt steering Add custimazation options for the cars Add things to purchase with your earnings

Steering needs upate

Make easier to steer Then I raise to five starts

Its ok

Its hard to drive

Change it back

Make it the way it was! Even wheni make it go back to the wheel and press inverse the brake and gas got switched! Please change it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love this game its like GTA

This is a great little taxi game and I like the car selections. Sometimes miss the arrow controls though and I end up hitting pedestrians =D

GTA and Crazy Taxi mix!

This game is fun to pick up and play. You are a mini taxi cab driver trying to get as many fares as possible before times runs up. It reminds me of gta because of the top view camera and also crazy taxi because of the game play. There are also 4 taxis you can choose from, so youll never have to use the same one all the time. I think Im still ranked number two on the top ten list. 

Awesome its like crazy taxi i love it

Must have this game i do have some suggestions make it where u can just drive around for a while and make it where u can continue frum the prvious game thanx 4 updatin my idea

Da game

Good game. Needs better turning capability. Would be nice to buy stuff with cash. Then 5 stars ;)


it is worth the price i would recomend getting this i love it the updated version it is alot better than alot of driving games

Smoth controles

Nice cute game. Good game controles. I dont know about the game play but it is well done.

Great game

This game is great and I find it very addicting. I rated this 4* beacause the controls at very frustrating at times . But still awsome game ! . 

Well made!

One very cool game, a ton of stuff to do and explore!! I really like this game, it is really well made and the developer deserves a lot of credit!

Well...glad it was free.

Dont get me wrong, its a decent game. But it wont get much use on my iPhone tbh.


I love the graphics and gameplay!!!!

Could be better

The controls are just awful. Seems like something that could be easily fixed. Otherwise looks like a fun game, but it would take me a long time to figure out how to use the controls smoothly.

Glad I got it when it was free

Yea its decent but I sure wouldnt pay for it, app sniper saved me from wasting yet another buck on a less than ok app

Fast Fun

Really Crazy Taxi!


This game is really fun. I am sure that it is worth the dollar....... But luckly appsniper saved me a dollar and I got it for free. But non the less this is a really good game.